Monday 7 October 2019

President Barzani Receives Russia's Foreign Minister

Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, (Barzani Headquarters)- President Masoud Barzani received a Russian diplomatic delegation headed by Mr. Sergey Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. During the meeting, President Barzani and Mr. Lavrov discussed the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the Middle East.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Fazil Mirani, the Secretary of the politburo of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and Mr. Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq's former Minister of Foreign Affairs and a number of other personalities.

The two sides spoke of ways of strengthening the economic and diplomatic relations between Moscow and Erbil. President Barzani and Minister Lavrov also discussed the current situation in Iraq and how the current status of good relations between the Kurdistan Region and the Federal government is in the best interest of both sides.

Minister Lavrov and President Barzani also made reference to the situation in Syria and the latest developments there, especially insofar as the Syrian Kurdistan are concerned. President Barzani also urged the Minister to play a role in ensuring that the rights of the Kurds of Syria are protected.