Saturday 7 April 2018

President Barzani Receives HDP Delegation

President Masoud Barzani received a high-level delegation from the HDP, Democratic Society Party. The delegation consisted of Ms. Pervin Buldan, the Chairwoman of HDP and Mr. Osman Baydemir, former mayor of Diyarbakir and current member of Turkey's Grand National Assembly as well as a number of other MPs and HDP members.

During the meeting, the delegation expressed their condolences to President Barzani on the passing of his nephew, Dilovan Idris Barzani. President Barzani and the HDP delegation spoke of a number of current challenges facing the Kurdish people in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria including the recent clashes in Afrin. 
President Barzani also made reference to the Kurdistan Independence Referendum of September of last year and the events that followed. He reiterated his consistent stance on resolving all issues with Baghdad and Ankara through peaceful means.