Sunday 4 March 2018

President Barzani Issues a Statement on the 27th Anniversary of the Kurdish Uprising

On the occasion of the 27th year anniversary of the Kurdish Uprising, President Barzani issued a statement in which he conveyed his salutes to the people of Kurdistan especially the martyrs who had paid the ultimate sacrifice for the liberation movement of Kurdistan and to the Peshmerga forces. In the statement, President Barzani made reference to how the 1991 Kurdish Uprising had paved the way to a lot of what has been achieved since then.
The President also expressed his concern about the current Iraqi government, specifically the recent passing of the 2018 budget by the Council of Representatives. He equated that action to the same mentality which cannot be altered and stated that the Kurdistan Independence Referendum was a direct response to those actions with which the people of Kurdistan cannot live.
The President reiterated his message of appreciation to the people of Kurdistan during these times of crisis and added that that endurance will further help us achieve the righteous demands of the Kurdistan Region